Discover Your Passion, Purpose, Power & Potential!

Why the Super Powers Framework?

Whether you are an individual or a business, your unique Super Powers are embedded in your DNA. Discover and unleash those powers to make the impact and change you desire.

it starts with our powerful, proven brand messaging, manifesto and motivation platform.  It uncovers the essence and spirit that drives and inspires you and/or your organization.

Our 7-step framework aligns who you are (your core identity) with why you're here (your mission & vision), how you engage (your goals and plans) and what you do (your skills and achievements.)

About Chris Bartell, Founder of The Super Powers Academy

Founder & Creator of The Identity Discovery Project

Founder & Creator of The Identity Discovery Project

My Who: I am an energizer and cheerleader who helps people and brands discover and unleash their super powers.  I love to cheer people on and bring energy to any room.  I get to love and serve others so they can have a rich, abundant, full life, discovering their Who, Why, How and What.

My Why: To leave a legacy of helping people and brands embrace and become who they were uniquely created to be. The inspiration came after reading Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why.” I realized the importance of going one step deeper than "why" and discover their “who” and that my Brand Messaging Framework would also work for Individuals and personal brands.  Thus the "Super Powers Framework" was born.

My How: The Super Powers Frameworks is a culmination of what I have learned as a personal coach and mentor as well my career as a brand marketer and story teller. It is the springboard for individuals and organizations who are struggling to define and inspire with their essence, their unique story.  The methods in the Super Powers Framework dive deep in to the spirit of who you are, the heart of your aspirations, your unique thinking and the talents and skills you bring to the world.

My What: I’ve been helping brands craft and tell their stories for more than 20 years as a professional marketer and brand cheerleader.  I've also been a student and mentor of various personal development and growth programs for a decade only to discover that most programs focus only on your "why" (yourmission/vision), your "how" (strategies/goals) or your "what" (talent/skills/education).  But your "who" is the core of your identity and is the launch pad for growth, joy, power and impact for people and businesses.

My Vision for the Super Powers Academy: The Academy will become the go-to environment and platform for individuals, professionals and organizations to discover and unleash their unique super powers.  It will be known for it's ability to inspire passion, empower legacy-minded people and businesses, build powerful brand stories, and grow strong leaders who cast vision.

I can't wait for you to unleash your super powers!